Looking Back at the Markets in October and Ahead Through November 2020

Authored by Brad McMillan, Commonwealth CIO:

A lot has changed in the past week. I normally try and get this post up earlier in the month, but with everything that has happened—and which has demanded comment—this is the earliest I could fit it in. But that is a good thing, as the "looking forward" piece is now going to be rather different than it would have been last week.

Is a Hopeful Market a Vulnerable One?

As of Monday, October 12th, the markets spiked again, taking the major indices back close to new highs. The S&P 500 closed at 3,534, less than 2 percent below the all-time high of September 2, just before markets tumbled. The Dow and Nasdaq results were similar. Clearly, the markets think everything is awesome. Is everything awesome?

Will the Election Sink the Markets?

Authored by Brad McMillan, Commonwealth CIO:

Recently, I have been getting a number of questions from people who are scared about what might happen to the financial markets at election time. The fear is that if we get a disputed election, it could lead to disruption and possibly even violence.

A Look Back at the Markets in August and Ahead to September 2020

After a great month like August, expectations and momentum are high, and you could reasonably expect to see another great month ahead. That scenario happens, and it is certainly what we are seeing in the first days of September. But taking a detailed look at last month’s results suggests some reasons for caution.

Election Watch

We hope you are enjoying your summer.  This has not been an easy year for a multitude of reasons but the weather has been great and it has been nice to get outdoors to get some fresh air and sunshine. The news cycle will be very active in the next few months with the election just around the corner.

Despite Localized Outbreaks, Recovery Remains On Track

The bad news this past week is that there are signs of localized outbreaks in several states, specifically Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas. All have shown significant spikes in cases in recent days. But the good news is that outside these and a handful of other states, the virus remains under control, and there is still no national second wave of infections.

A Look Back At The Markets In May And Ahead To June 2020

Last week our CIO, Brad McMillan, shared his blog looking back at May and ahead to June. Below, you can find his monthly video update and write-up.

Progress In Coronavirus Pandemic

On Friday, Brad McMillan provided an update on the coronavirus crisis, including the economic and market implications. Last week was another good week in terms of controlling the virus, with the daily spread rate dropping to less than 2 percent for five days in a row.

A Look Back At The Markets In April And Ahead To May 2020

This week our CIO, Brad McMillan, shared his blog looking back at April and ahead to May. He also released a video sharing his market thoughts for this month which we included at the bottom of this blog. We hope you find this helpful in staying informed about everything going on in the economy. The best of times. April was the month that stock markets rallied after an unprecedented drawdown.

Retirement Account 2020 Rules Changes

For many Americans, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in an immediate need for funds that can provide financial stability. In response, lawmakers have lessened financial burdens through stimulus legislation that includes several temporary rule changes to retirement account withdrawals.