Prior Events


Protecting Your Data: Aware and Prepared

Scammers use clever techniques to steal personal information and data. Learn some industry best practices for protecting yourself, your family, and your finances. Please join us as Sheridan Culhane, from MFS® Investment Management, helps us learn to identify scams.

Topics include:

  • The major threats and attacks out there
  • Proactive ways to protect yourself and your loved ones
  • Steps you can take if you become a victim
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Organizing Your Financial Life

Is it time to organize your finances? Please join our webinar to learn how to organize and take control of your financial life. This will be a conversation about ensuring individuals set themselves up for a successful financial future.

Topics include:

  • Getting organized
  • Spending and budgeting
  • IRAs and Roth IRAs
  • Mortgages and refinancing
  • Student loan debt
  • Credit reports and FICO scores
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Securing Your Retirement: Transforming Social Security into a Winning Retirement Strategy

Are you or someone you know approaching retirement? It is important to understand the role that Social Security benefits can and should play in your overall retirement income plan. Please join us as BlackRock® presents: Securing Your Retirement — Transforming Social Security into a Winning Retirement Strategy.

Topics include:

  • How Social Security benefits work for you and your spouse
  • When and how to start receiving Social Security benefits
  • Opportunities to increase your benefits throughout retirement

Please contact our office for a recording of the presentation.