Our Advantage

There are few things more personal than investing your hard-earned assets. At Gulish & Associates, Inc., we sincerely care about the financial decisions you make and work hard to educate you on your choices. When clients work with us, they work with professionals that care about their future and the relationships we build.

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Personalized Service

We like to tell our clients that we’re in a relationship business, rather than a transactional business. We get to know you on a personal level before we even start talking about investments. We make the effort to understand your past, present, and future, and work with you to develop strategies that are tailored to your unique situation.

We believe in working with our clients through an in-depth process to understand what matters most to them and how their financial plan can help them pursue their goals. Before crafting recommendations, we spend time getting to know our clients and building a trusted relationship.

Multi-Generational Relationships

While we specialize in retirement and post-retirement planning, we also work in close collaboration with the children and grandchildren of our clients. We believe that the more educated a family is about their investments, the more efficiently they can plan for the future. We take pride in the fact that the trusted relationships we build with our clients often span for generations.

Continued Support

We communicate with our clients even after we develop a plan together and help them make changes in the future in the case of market or personal developments. We schedule regular reviews, track our clients’ investments, and make changes when necessary. We also think of both short and long-term goals and keep our clients abreast of industry changes.

We act as educators, coaches, and advocates for your financial future and walk with you every step of the way. By being process-driven rather than product-driven, we are able to focus all of our energy on your needs.